Exploring the Historical and Fantasy Weapons Market

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fantasy weapons market

Dressing up is inherently captivating in a world filled with diverse interests and hobbies. Whether embracing your inner warrior at a LARPing event, paying homage to your favorite characters through cosplay, or getting into the spirit of Halloween, playing dress-up transcends age and time.

However, this article delves deeper into a niche within the “dressing up” world–historical and fantasy weapons and accessories.

Understanding the Appeal of Historical and Fantasy Weapons and Accessories

Connecting with Fandoms: Where Emotions Run High

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of historical and fantasy weapons and accessories is the strong emotional connection they foster with various fandoms.


Enthusiasts within these communities are deeply invested in their interests, forming strong bonds and connections with the characters, stories, and worlds they love. This emotional attachment often translates into a desire to own and showcase items related to their favorite narratives.

Exploring the Vast Search Volume

When exploring the potential of this niche, it’s clear that there’s a substantial demand. Historical and fantasy weapons and accessories have an impressive aggregate search volume, with over 3.5 million monthly searches. This significant search volume indicates a sizable audience eager for relevant content and products.

Low Competition, High Opportunity

One of the most appealing aspects of this niche is the surprisingly low level of competition. With keyword difficulties ranging from 0 to 20, there’s ample room for newcomers to establish their presence. This scarcity of competition means that those who enter this space strategically can enjoy a considerable advantage.

The Landscape of Historical and Fantasy Weapons and Accessories

Understanding the Keyword Categories

Keywords in this niche can be broadly categorized into two main groups: weapons and costumes/accessories. These keywords cover various items, from swords and shields to intricately crafted cosplay gear. What’s fascinating is the abundance of long-tail keywords with substantial monthly search volumes.

For instance, niche keywords like “tonfa” can garner around 15,000 monthly clicks in the US despite facing minimal competition. Focusing on high-return keywords is a wise strategy, especially during the early stages of establishing a presence in this niche.

Deciphering Search Intent

Understanding user intent within this niche can be a nuanced task. Analyzing the dominant players in search results, such as YouTube and Wikipedia, indicates a significant portion of informational searches to discover more about these weapons and accessories.

search intent

However, weapon-specific keywords likely hold higher purchase intent for users familiar with these items. The ratio of informational to purchase intent searches may fluctuate based on the average level of common knowledge associated with a particular weapon-type keyword.

Exploring the Competitive Landscape

The Diversity of Competitors

An encouraging sign for aspiring entrepreneurs is the diverse distribution of competitors ranking for keywords in this niche. Unlike some markets dominated by big-box retailers, historical and fantasy weapons and accessories see a more evenly spread competition landscape.

online competitors

Wikipedia and Amazon collectively hold the largest share, approximately 25%, of the ranking keywords. The remaining portion is divided among numerous smaller sites.

Variety of Competitors

Examining the competitive landscape, we find a variety of players:

  1. Small Specialty E-commerce Sites: These platforms cater to niche audiences seeking unique and specialized items.
  2. Fan Sites or Wikis: Enthusiastic fans create these sites to share their knowledge and passion for specific franchises and characters.
  3. Art/Design Sites: These platforms often showcase the work of artisans and designers creating replica weapons and cosplay accessories.

Considering your niche site’s objectives, focusing on creating a niche e-commerce and informational site appears to be the most viable path, given the existing competition dynamics.

Unveiling the Revenue Opportunity

Analyzing CPC and Search Volume

Cost-per-click (CPC) analysis can provide insights into prioritizing keywords and thematic focus. Low CPC values are expected due to the niche’s low keyword difficulty and competition.

While CPC can help identify overly broad or off-topic keywords, prioritization based on search volume remains crucial. The key challenge is accurately assessing the balance between informational and purchase intent searches for these keywords.

Identifying High-Potential Keywords


To capitalize on the revenue opportunity, it’s essential to identify keywords that offer a combination of factors, including decent click volume, high intent, product or service focus, low competition, and a favorable organic/CPC ratio. You can pinpoint promising opportunities by creating a filtered list and eliminating low-volume or unrelated keywords.

Segmenting Keywords for Targeting

Further segmenting keywords into categories is crucial. For instance, you could organize them into two main structures: “Fantasy Weapons” and “Historical Weapons.”

Each category can have sub-hubs, providing a detailed overview, weapon categories, and specific weapon pages. Initially, you might focus solely on one category, such as historical or fantasy weapons, to streamline your efforts.

Crafting a Content Strategy

Onsite Content: A Hub-and-Spoke Approach

Your onsite content strategy should aim to provide high-value resources, following a hub-and-spoke structure.

This structure can contextualize weapons within a hierarchy of educational content, emphasizing their historical or fantasy significance, usage, techniques, and quality evaluations. Each product page should strive to outperform existing resources.

Link Building Content: Data-Driven and Newsworthy

link building

For link building, focus on creating data-driven and newsworthy content that resonates with the niche’s audience. Ideas such as “The most dangerous and most effective historical weapons,” involving expert surveys, and “Historical torture – Most scary?” are examples of content that can generate interest, links, and discussion within the community.

Additional Link Magnets

Consider unique link magnets like “Rare weapons emojis” and a “Weapons identification quiz.” These creative ideas not only engage users but also offer evergreen link-building opportunities.

Taking Your First Steps

Building a Strong Foundation

To kickstart your venture, refine your keyword research to identify promising product segments. Seek keywords with decent click volume, high intent, product focus, low competition, and a favorable organic/CPC ratio. This refined list will guide your initial content creation efforts.

Content Expansion and Monetization

Building out your onsite and link-building content should yield quick gains in this niche due to its low competition. Leveraging affiliate programs from Amazon and Etsy is a practical monetization strategy from the outset. Additionally, explore the possibility of dropshipping with relevant distributors to maximize product availability and diversity.

Beyond the First Six Months

Capitalizing on Niche Growth

This niche offers the advantage of limited competition and a continuously growing audience. As interest in fantasy books, movies, shows, and video games continues to rise, the demand for historical and fantasy weapons and accessories will likely follow suit.

Consider expanding your focus to encompass broader areas of cosplay and LARPing products, gradually branching out to serve a wider community of enthusiasts.

Community Building and Expansion

At a later stage, consider community-building initiatives to foster engagement and loyalty among your audience. As your site becomes a go-to resource for historical and fantasy weapon enthusiasts, exploring opportunities for forums, user-generated content, and events can further solidify your presence in the niche.

In conclusion, the world of historical and fantasy weapons and accessories offers a unique and promising niche for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike.

With the right strategy and a commitment to providing valuable content and products, you can establish a thriving online presence in this captivating and diverse realm of self-expression and fandom.

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